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Buy the Best Quality Carpex Car Cleaning & Care Products at

Carpex is a Turkish based company that is renowned for its car cleaning and care products all over the world. If you are looking for a brand of products that will keep your car in tip top condition and provide your ride with consistent protection from everything on the road then Carpex car care products are the best solutions. At you can buy the best quality Carpex Car Care and Cleaning Products because we are the number one car accessories and auto parts retailer in Pakistan, where you can find all the products to satisfy your car needs. Don’t miss your opportunity to order online and avail our home delivery service for all Carpex Car Care and Cleaning Products as well as other brands.

Select from a Huge Collection of Carpex Car Care & Cleaning Products at the Best Prices in Pakistan

Carpex products offer a wide range of products that cater to every aspect of car care. The Carpex Platinum series of cleaners are the best in the market and they are specifically designed for each part of your car. From the Platinum Tire Polish Protection and Platinum Rim Cleaning to the Platinum Express Car Polishing and Platinum Motor Cleaning, you can keep every component neat and clean with Carpex cleaning products. They specialize in external and internal cleaning by offering specialized products such as Leather Cleaning and Protecting Cream or Mat Glove Compartment Care Milk for internal protection. While products like Carnauba Polished Car Shampoo or Tire Polish and Protecting Foam are designed for the external care of your vehicle. Carpex also sets itself apart by providing winter products such as Glass Anti Fog Spray, Glass and Lock De-icer and Concentrated Washer Fluid with Anti-Freeze from -22­oC to -45oC. Carpex odor eliminators are regarded as one of the best in the market to keep your car free from the smell of sweat, oil, grease or mud and instead you can make the car fragrant by using Carpex Car Perfumes that come in a variety of scents. All of these Carpex car care and cleaning products and more are available at at the lowest prices in Pakistan. So search for them by category or using the “Search by Brand” option and order today!

Car Phone Holder Multifunctional Mouse Shape Compact One-Touch Release and Foldable + 1 Item
Orderd by Pirzada from Lahore
about 1 week ago
Carro All Purpose Cleaner 500 ML + 1 Item
Orderd by Dr.Sameera from Lakkimarwat
about 2 weeks ago
Car Phone Holder Multifunctional Mouse Shape Compact One-Touch Release and Foldable
Orderd by Mutahir from Lahore
about 3 days ago
Long Pile Wash Pad
Orderd by Areeb from Sialkot
about 2 weeks ago
SINTAS Universal Polish - Car Scratch Remover 200g
Orderd by Hamza from Sialkot
about 4 months ago